[slide-left]YOUNG VOICES & THE MEDIA LAB[/slide-left]

[fade]Digital media and the moving image are the language of today’s youth, a generation held captive by the internet, cell phones, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, television, interactive video games and platforms yet to debut. Our two youth programs aim to teach students the language of film and social engagement through in-school programs (THE MEDIA LAB) and festival screenings and presentations (YOUNG VOICES).[/fade]

Our partners in these youth oriented programs are: Take Two Film Academy and The School of Visual Arts/ Social Documentary Program.

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[slide-right]YOUNG VOICES AT THE FESTIVAL[/slide-right]

Our YOUNG VOICES program has hosted hundreds of students from local middle and high schools who have filled the theater to watch curated films which help students to better understand the language of film within a context of art, history and society. The YOUNG VOICES program at the festival expands on this theatrical viewing experience with a hands-on orientation class in filmmaking, with a focus on the professional development of young filmmakers. The students have the opportunity to direct, edit, operate cameras and perform on-stage. In short, we put all the tools of filmmaking in their hands.


[slide-right]MEDIA LAB YEAR-ROUND IN LOCAL SCHOOLS[/slide-right]

"For young people born into this world now, it’s absolutely critical that they are guided to learn the difference between art and commerce and between cinema and content." Director, Martin Scorsese

The “in-school” Media Lab was launched in 2017, and is led by Megan Kiefer, Founder of Take Two Film Academy. The festival’s efforts continue to focus on developing young people as critical thinkers and critical viewers of film. In addition to guiding students through the process of creative documentary filmmaking, the program provides students with the tools and language necessary to analyze films and other forms of documentary media.