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Jane Fonda in Five Acts


DIRECTOR: Susan Lacy
Q/A with Susan Lacy and Jules Feiffer

PRODUCERS: Susan Lacy, Jessica Levin, Emma Pildes
EDITOR: Benjamin Gray

Jane Fonda has been vilified as Hanoi Jane, lusted after as Barbarella, and heralded as a beacon of the women’s movement. This film goes to the heart of who she really is, a blend of deep vulnerability, magnetism, naiveté and bravery, revealing a life transformed over time. Featuring interviews with Robert Redford, Lily Tomlin, producer Paula Weinstein and former spouses Tom Hayden and Ted Turner, among others, the first four acts of Fonda’s life are named after the four men who shared her personal and professional ambitions. The fifth act is named after Fonda herself, as she finally confronts her demons, reconnects with her family and resumes a successful career as both an actress and an activist, entirely on her own terms.
Susan Lacy is the creator and former executive producer of the celebrated series American Masters. She has won countless awards, including 13 Emmys and the Hamptons Doc Fest’s Lumiere Career Achievement Award in 2012. In 2013 she founded Pentimento Productions, with offices in both New York and Los Angeles.

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