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60 min
Do You Like Peacocks? 
30 min
Election Day, 15 min
Driven Blind, 15 min


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A short film is not long enough to be considered a feature film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but for the audience, the pleasure of watching a beautifully produced short documentary is immeasurable.

Do You Like Peacocks?

30 min, Q/A with Mary Clay Fields
DIRECTORS: Mary Clay Fields
PRODUCERS: Louise Washer, Karen Balliet
EDITORS: Ron Kalish, Mary Clay Fields

In a nondescript studio by the railroad tracks in small-town Irondale, Alabama, a group of adults with autism and their dedicated instructors convene every day to make art. One of these artists is Michael Moore who is fascinated by peacocks. In Do You Like Peacocks? we get to know the unique personalities behind the “mask” of autism as the group works towards its annual benefit auction, raising money for the studio and the artists themselves.

Mary Clay Fields started her career on Wall Street selling Eurobonds for investment banks. After retiring to raise her children, she pursued her interest in visual media, studying at New York’s School of Visual Arts and NYU.


Election Day

15 min, Q/A with Linda Moroney
DIRECTORS: Linda Moroney
PRODUCERS: Linda Moroney
EDITORS: Don Casper
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Chuck Moran, Tracy Moran, Julie Gelfand, Clara Riedlinger, Thom Marini, Brian Stublen, Jason Darhieder, Lorraine Woerner-MacGowen

On Election Day 2016, after a long and contentious presidential campaign, over 10,000 people came spontaneously to pay tribute to Susan B. Anthony. They placed their “I Voted” stickers upon her headstone and expressed their pride and gratitude to America’s most famous suffragette. The next day, November 9, her gravesite reflected a far different scene: for some, tempered elation; for others, disappointment and despair.

Linda Moroney is the founder of the Rochester Documentary Filmmakers Group and teachers documentary film at St. John Fisher College. She was a producer of Ram Dass Fierce Grace, named by Newsweek as one of the five best nonfiction films of 2002. In 2016 she produced and directed Turn the Page, exploring the fractured relationship between incarcerated parents and their children.

Drivne Blind Still 3.png

Driven Blind

15 min
DIRECTORS: Scott E. Schimmel, Geoff Groberg
PRODUCERS: Scott E. Schimmel, Geoff Groberg
EDITORS: Scott E. Schimmel, Geoff Groberg

Driven Blind tells the story of a world champion drag racer who lost his eyesight and then went on to set a land speed record while 100% blind. Despite his remarkable achievement on the track, his day-to-day life is more of a struggle.

Driven Blind was the filmmakers’ thesis film submitted at Wake Forest’s Documentary Film Program.