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93 min
DIRECTOR: Laura Poitras

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DIRECTOR: Laura Poitras
PRODUCERS: Laura Poitras, Brenda Coughlin, Yoni Golijov
EDITORS: Laura Poitras, Erin Casper, Melody London
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Laura Poitras, Kristen Johnson, Katy Sloggin

Laura Poitras, Academy Award winning director of Citizenfour, returns with her most personal and intimate film to date. Filmed over six years, Risk is a complex and volatile character study of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who leaked classified documents that exposed the inner workings of the National Security Agency.

Cornered in a tiny building for half a decade, Julian Assange is undeterred even as the legal jeopardy he faces threatens to undermine the organization he leads and fracture the movement he inspired. In a new world order where a single keystroke can alter history, Risk is a portrait of power, betrayal, truth and sacrifice.

Poitras had unprecedented access to Assange as she filmed the polarizing Assange’s story. She went further than just presenting him to the audience, she featured herself in the voiceover narration. One can’t remain impartial to Assange’s actions, so you be the judge, was he a heroic whistleblower or a traitor?