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Marvin Booker Was Murdered


102 min, Q/A with Wade Gardner
DIRECTOR: Wade Gardner

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DIRECTOR: Wade Gardner
PRODUCERS: Wade Gardner, Karen Cruz, Dan Ketchum
EDITOR: Wade Gardner

Before the Black Lives Matter movement took hold, Marvin Booker, a homeless street preacher, died violently while in the custody of five jail guards at the Denver Detention Center in 2010. The event was caught on tape, and witnessed by more than 20 people. The film follows how the Booker family and two incredible attorneys worked tirelessly in their fight against a powerful Thin Blue Line and the City of Denver to restore Marvin’s civil rights.

This is Wade Gardner’s debut documentary film. He is the founder and programming director for the Docu-West Film Festival. He also curates First Look, an undergraduate and graduate film program he started in 2000 while still in film school. He has also created a few short films and an animation series.