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Close Harmony


30 min

DIRECTOR: Nigel Noble

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The HT2FF highlights a special program dedicated exclusively to our community youth where we screen documentary films for middle school and high school students. The program bonus: Megan Kiefer, the founder of Take Two Film Academy, who conducts a lively workshop on how to use film to create impact and change.

DIRECTOR: Nigel Noble
PRODUCER: Nigel Noble
EDITOR: Joan Emma Morris

A chorus of 4th and 5th graders at the Brooklyn Friends School and a chorus of elderly retirees at a Brooklyn Jewish seniors’ center combine to give an annual joint concert. Practicing separately for several months while communicating only as pen pals, they eventually meet for a rehearsal prior to their concert. The children’s ideas about older people, as well as the seniors’ approach to aging and their young co-performers, will capture your heart.

Nigel Noble is an Academy Award-winning producer/director of films and television. Close Harmony received an Oscar in 1982.