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Acorn and the Firestorm


84 min, Q/A with Reuben Atlas
DIRECTORS: Reuben Atlas, Sam Pollard

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DIRECTORS: Reuben Atlas, Sam Pollard
PRODUCERS: Reuben Atlas, Sam Pollard
EDITORS: Francisco Bello, Paul Greenhouse
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Frank Larson, Naiti Gamez, Natalie Kingston

In the politically charged election year of 2008, ACORN, a national community organizing group, comes under attack from two undercover journalists, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. The pair posed as a pimp and prostitute to try to expose ACORN’s business practices via hidden camera. The ensuing drama spawned the now omnipresent Breitbart Media, and drove an even deeper wedge between Democrats and Republicans. This nonfiction political thriller goes beyond the 24-hour news cycle and cuts to the heart of the great political divide we live in today.

Reuben Atlas is an award-winning filmmaker who co-directed Sour Grapes. He also directed Brothers Hypnotic with Sam Pollard as the supervising producer. Pollard produced the Academy-Award nominated documentary Four Little Girls, as well as When the Levees Broke, If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise. He also directed Slavery by Another Name.