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One Big Home


90 min + Q/A
DIRECTOR: Thomas Bena

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OneBigHome publicity_still_HiRes_House_Big_Schifter_Aerial_02_o29190EE5.jpg

Additional Info

DIRECTOR: Thomas Bena
PRODUCERS: Thomas Bena, James Holland
EDITORS: James Holland, Jim Cricchi, Liz Witham
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Thomas Bena, Jeremy Mayhew, Liz Witham

On the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard, where presidents and celebrities vacation, trophy homes threaten to destroy the island’s unique character. Twelve years in the making, One Big Home chronicles Thomas Bena’s crusade against the proliferation of outsized homes in Chilmark, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Eventually his efforts expand to the community at large, but getting there is no easy feat.

One Big Home is Thomas Bena’s first feature-length film. He is the founder and Executive/Creative Director of The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival.