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Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman


78 min + Q/A
DIRECTOR: Susan Steinberg

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DIRECTOR: Susan Steinberg
PRODUCER: Susan Steinberg
EDITORS: Nick Watson, Raphaella Fearns
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: David Chilton, Susan Steinberg

This intimate film aims to reach the creative spirit that resides in each of us, demystifying the elusive artistic practice and making it accessible to a wide audience. By focusing on the voices of ten diverse, dynamic and inspirational role models—women aged 22 to 82, chosen from 6 different countries—the film reflects the 21st century multicultural world we live in. The director weaves an intimate portrayal that seeks to leave the audience feeling that they are dropping into the artists’ lives and studios.

Susan Steinberg is an Emmy Award winning writer, director and producer best known for her work on the PBS series American Masters. She has produced and directed documentaries on Paul Simon, Edward R. Murrow and Ahmet Ertegun. Since moving to London in 2004, Steinberg has been drawn to the international and overwhelmingly female art scene.