Lana Jokel

Filmmaker Lana Jokel was born in Shanghai, China. She grew up in Brazil, educated in France and the United States. She studied languages and also attended the Boston museum of fine arts school.

Before making her own films, Lana began her career with the American documentary pioneers Richard Leacock and D.A. Pennebaker. She subsequently edited Norman Mailer’s films, Behind the Law and Maidstone, as well as two feature-length films by Andy Warhol, Heat and L’amour.

Lana Jokel is known for her documentaries on famous artists, such as Lee Krasner, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, and Larry Rivers and Chinese contemporary art.

Her films include: Andy Warhol, Portrait of an Artist 1973, 54 min; Larry Rivers Public and Private 1992, 90 min; large scale projects: Claes Oldenburg/Coosje Van Bruggen 1992, 56 min; Chinese Hand Laundry and Field of Waste 1995, 45 min; Strong-Cuevas Sculpture 2002, 45 min; Chinese Contemporary Art: Artists Working in China 2004, 58 min; Chinese Contemporary Art Comes to America 2004, 57 min; Camera and Mirror - Howard Kanovitz 2007, 28 min; A Moment in Time 2016, 96 min.

Her newest film, A Moment in Time: Hamptons’ Artists, premiered as the opening night film at the 2016 Hamptons Doc Fest. Lana conceived of the film in 1990’s as a digital video exploration of the acclaimed artists of the Hamptons in their homes and studios. In a series of impromptu interviews, she talked to many visual visionaries about their work and creative process. Edited together in a remarkable montage are the participating artists: John Alexander, April Gornik, Sven Lukin, Nathan Joseph, Li-lan, Eric Fischl, Elizabeth Strong Cuevas, Donald Sultan, Audrey Flack, Howard Kanovitz, John Chamberlain and Robert Dash.

Jokel’s films have been screened in film festivals internationally and across the US. In 2013 she was selected by her peers to receive the prestigious filmmaker’s choice award from the Hmptons Doc Fest. She currently serves on the advisory board of Hamptons Doc Fest.