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Sun, 4/28, 1:00pm, 91 min

Q&A with Layton Guenther, Acting Director of Quail Hill Farm, Amanda Merrow, Farmer and Founder of Amber Waves Farm and Geoffrey Drummond from Stony Brook’s innovative Food Lab.

PRODUCERS: Sandra Keats, John Chester
EDITOR: Amy Overbeck
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: John Chester and Kyle Romanek

Biggest Little Farm chronicles the personal journey of two big-city foodies—John Chester and his wife Molly, a culinary writer—as they trade city life to acquire and establish their own farm, Apricot Lane Farms, on 200 acres of depleted and dry soil in Moorpark, California, outside of Los Angeles. Over an eight-year stretch, they work doggedly to live in harmony with nature, planting 10,000 orchard trees and over 200 crops, raising animals of every kind, including a pig named Emma and a rooster named Greasy, all the while combating obstacles that include coyotes, insects, drought and disease. (91mins)

Q&A with Scott Chaskey, Amagansett’s longtime Quail Hill Farm director, poet and author, and Layton Guenther, its farm manager, speaking about their experiences heading Quail Hill, one of the original Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in the United States. They will be joined by Amanda Merrow of Amber Waves farm in Amagansett.

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BLF Soula and Baby.jpg
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