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Manry at Sea: In the Wake of a Dream


DIRECTOR: Steve Wystrach
Q/A with Steve Wystrach

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PRODUCER: Steve Wystrach
EDITOR: Steve Armstrong

In 1965, newspaper editor Robert Manry was a happily married family man in Cleveland, Ohio. His colleagues at the Plain Dealer were shocked to learn he had set sail on a solo voyage across the Atlantic in his 13½-foot sloop, Tinkerbelle. By the time his 78-day odyssey ended, Robert had become the target of a wild, cat-and-mouse news media chase and had become a hero to his countrymen and to dreamers everywhere.
Steve Wystrach is a film editor, restoration archivist and sailor. He has practiced the art and science of motion picture post-production for over four decades. In Los Angeles, Steve began work as a freelance editor before opening his own post-production studio, Anchor Editorial, where his work garnered international awards. He has had a long involvement with archival practice and has personally rescued many millions of feet of priceless archival film from destruction. Manry at Sea is his first feature-length documentary film.

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Manrey at Sea_ 20-flotilla 01 HORIZON.jpg
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