[fade]HAMPTONS DOC FEST[/fade]

We are proud.

The festival experience caught fire in year one when we screened 4 films. Now in our 12th year we’ve grown into a 5-day event with a full slate of 30+ great documentaries. You have come along this creative journey with us. We know that there is no festival without an audience, without eyes, ears and spirits attuned to life’s fascinating stories as told by talented documentary filmmakers.


[slide-left]Our Lumiere Award Gallery of Career Achievement Honorees[/slide-left]

There’s a reason why we chose the name “Lumiere” for our prestigious Career Achievement Award given to docuementary filmmakers who have made important and lasting contributions to the world of nonfiction film and on whose shoulders we stand.

The Lumiere brothers, Auguste Marie and Louis Nicolas born in the 1860’s, were among the first filmmakers in history. They patented an improved cinematograph, which in contrast to Thomas Edison’s “peepshow” kinetoscope allowed simultaneous viewing by multiple parties. The Lumieres held their first private screening of projected motion pictures in 1895 in front of an audience and it was much to to Lumiere’s suprise that the moving black-and-white images retained more attention than the coloured stills photographs. Without the Lumiere’s we would not have the motion picture.

[slide-left]OTHER AWARDS[/slide-left]

We created 3 awards that bestow special recognition to the makers of films and to the non-fiction films they create. It is their extraordinary contribution to the world of non-fiction story telling that connects us to a shared humanity.

BREAKOUT DIRECTOR AWARD goes to a documentary film Director whose voice and vision are original and exceptional. The award is in recognition of artistic merit for a feature-length film, selected by a distinguished jury, which has resonated widely with audiences and the industry.

SLOANE SHELTON HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD goes to a documentary film that celebrates courage in the face of social injustice This premiere award is aptly named in honor of Sloane Shelton, a great American actor whose many theatrical and film roles were created from the depths of her honesty and humanity. Sponsored by Jan Buckaloo in memory of Sloane Shelton

THE ART & INSPIRATION AWARD goes to a film that embraces the vibrancy of art, in all its forms, so as to expand our spirits and lives. Sponsored by the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation.

THE FILMMAKERS CHOICE AWARD This prestigious annual award honors an outstanding documentarian. The awardee is nominated by the documentary filmmaker community.